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Ten Years in Waiting: A Story of God’s Faithfulness

June 5, 2014

The following story is shared with permission.

Dameon Shontay and MiriamDameon and Shontay were married in 2003. They hadn’t been married for very long when they became convinced that becoming parents was a part of God’s plan for their life together. They were so sure that they were supposed to be parents that they even picked out a name for their future child. You can imagine their joy when, in 2005, they found out that Shontay was pregnant. You can also imagine (and truly, if you’ve never experienced it, you can only imagine) their devastation when the pregnancy ended in a miscarriage.

Dameon and Shontay spent the next several years exploring and trying one fertility treatment after another, all to no avail. And then, much to their surprise, Shontay became pregnant by way of natural processes in 2008. Once again, however, their joy turned to mourning as yet another pregnancy ended in miscarriage. At this point they were both about ready to give up on their dream of being parents. With the encouragement of others, though, they continued to hold on to their vision of parenthood. Dameon and Shontay would often encourage each other by saying “God’s timing is perfect and what God has for us is for us!” This reminded them that God’s had a “panoramic perspective,” meaning that God saw the whole picture even though they could see one part of it. This kept them trusting in God’s plan year after year.

Sometime later, a friend of Shontay’s asked if they had considered either foster-parenting or adoption. At first, they where hesitant to consider the idea and then Shontay had lunch with and old college roommate who had adopted a child. After that meeting, Dameon and Shontay prayed together and made the decision to pursue adoption. When they started researching adoption agencies online they came across Miriam Project. It just so happened that they had decided many years previously that they would name their daughter Miriam. Dameon and Shontay believed that this was a sign and they decided that they would work with Miriam Project. They completed all of the necessary paperwork and home studies and submitted an adoption profile to Miriam Project.

Time continued to pass and it was beginning to look like adoption wasn’t working out for them either. Once again, they had to fight through feelings of disappointment and discouragement. Around that time, a friend of Shontay’s contacted her asking if she knew of anyone who was looking to buy a baby crib. At first Shontay was a little perplexed by this, especially because her friend knew the struggles they had been going through. Dameon and Shontay decided that they would take a step of faith and purchase the crib themselves and they began to pray for the child that would eventually sleep in that crib.

No more than eight days after buying the crib, Dameon and Shontay received a call from Brooke at Miriam Project. A woman who was facing an unexpected pregnancy had come to the Miriam Project because she believed that adoption was the best choice for her child. This expectant mom looked at Dameon and Shontay’s profile and knew right away that they were supposed to be the parents for her child. Seven weeks later, in January of 2014, this expectant mom gave birth a beautiful, baby girl named Miriam. Last month Miriam Project had the honor of participating in the adoption finalization of baby Miriam to her forever parents, Dameon and Shontay.Miriam

It wasn’t always easy or pleasant, but Dameon and Shontay persisted and they have experienced God’s wonderful faithfulness.  Just as wonderfully, baby Miriam has been blessed with forever parents who will love and care for her all their days.

The Miriam Project exists for stories just like this. We are delighted to be able to be a part of God’s plan and we are committed to ensuring that every child within the reach of this ministry are embraced by healthy and loving families within the body of Christ, families like Dameon and Shontay.

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