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Tummy Mommy

November 2, 2015

Written by Doug Linville

I love the heart of an adoptive family that says, “We want to know the culture; we want to know where he (our adoptive child) comes from and be influenced by his presence.” The Miriam Project is looking for adoptive families who say their adoptive child influences and changes their lives. Here is one story:

We recently had a very cool experience at our office. It started eight years ago with a little boy named Finn who was placed by his birth mom. She couldn’t share with anybody in her world that she was pregnant – it may be difficult to comprehend such an experience. She went through her entire pregnancy, delivery, and placement of her child without anyone in her world knowing about it. Though, the adoptive family loved, embraced, and accepted her in the hospital, and she actually stayed a little longer than she had to. What was true for Finn’s birth mom is true for most of us – when you experience love and acceptance, it is very difficult to leave. When she left the hospital and said goodbye to her son and the adoptive family, it was with the understanding that they’d never meet again. The adoptive family went on their way raising this precious child.

Since, they’ve adopted a total of three children. The other two children have meet their birth families, as their parents, Jane & Michael, have gone out of their way to make sure their children have contact with them. They have gone on long weekend visits to see birth family members and have even invited birth families into their home for long stays so that their children would gain a better understanding of their heritage. Jane & Michael’s heart ached because their one son, Finn, had no contact with his birth family. His only connection with his “tummy mommy” – as his family calls her – was a video they created in the hospital.  Because of the way his parents spoke of her love and preciousness, he desperately wanted to meet her. He prayed for her often and always referred to her in his prayers as his tummy mommy.

As his eighth birthday approached, they wanted to do something special for him. They took him on a tour of his birthplace, met with some of the people involved in his early days of life, and visited the hospital where he was born. They have attempted to contact Finn’s birth mom before without Finn knowing (always making sure to respect her privacy), but were unsuccessful. The little boy said to his mom and dad, “Wouldn’t it be a miracle if I could meet my tummy mommy?” And so they called the Miriam Project and asked if we could set up a meeting with his birth mom.

Brooke LeMay (Miriam Project’s Case Manager), by what some might call a coincidence – but what we know was God’s timing – saw Finn’s birth mom at a store. This was a surprise to us, since she was planning to leave Indiana the last time we spoke with her. Brooke reached out, and Finn’s birth mom was delighted to hear about the family and Finn’s longing to meet her. She agreed to a meeting, and we were able to host the encounter between this precious little boy and his tummy mommy.

God’s presence was felt through laughter, games, shared pictures, and tears. It was more than precious – it was sacred.  Once again, the birth mom was able to feel and experience deep love and acceptance as this little boy’s prayer was answered. After the meeting, Finn’s birth mom told Brooke that she planned to share with her family the existence of her little boy, Finn.

Jane & Michael are affected by this child everyday; their family is better with Finn in their home. They love him through and through in the same way any mom & dad love their biological child. An adoptive child is a child placed into a family by God.

At the Miriam Project, we pray God will place specific children into specific homes. We believe God placed Finn into Jane & Michael’s home because he was their son, from heaven’s view before they even met him. We are blessed to stand with Jane, Michael, Finn, and his tummy mommy. Thank you, Madison Park, for making these moments happen – we ask that you’d join with us in November as we celebrate Adoption Awareness Month. If you know of anyone that’s in a difficult pregnancy, know that you can trust us. We treat each expectant mom with dignity and respect – a match will be made in a way that she experiences deep love and acceptance. She will never have to walk alone, as we will walk with her for as long as she wants. I’ve given you just one example of a family’s embrace of their adoptive child. We have so many more stories to tell and so many more stories yet to be told with your continued prayers and support.

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